How we think

The future of Construction is Digital

Technology has the potential to bring huge benefits to construction. This includes improved profitability, safety, work-winning rates, quality and ultimately a better result for clients, designers, contractors, subcontractors, asset managers & operators and end users.

Don't believe the hype

We believe that innovative (but simple and practical) technology is a major factor in successful construction projects. However, BIM or Digital Engineering alone is not a 'silver bullet' to success. Without sound decision making and implementation, new technology can cost a lot more than it earns. Over-promised & expensive technology that is poorly implemented can be worse than nothing at all.

Question everything

Construction is a conservative & adversarial business. Any change is often seen as introducing risk. We challenge this thinking and understand that properly implemented technology reduces risk.
Furthermore, using identical delivery methods as competitors is unlikely to give the winning edge. Questioning the status quo and applying a different approach will differentiate you from your competition.

Nail the basics

Many Digital Engineering or Building Information Modelling strategies are based on the latest & greatest technology and not the business. It is essential to focus on the fundamental  issues of efficiency, quality and profitability.  Get the technology foundations wrong and a project is effectively crippled. Therefore, we start with the basics and build from there.


The following is a selection of posts from the respected 'Hannell on BIM' blog:

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