How we work


  • Every project is different and every business is different
  • We are versatile and flexible. So we fit in with you and develop strategies & solutions to meet your needs
  • We don't bring any preconceptions or fixed methods to your business


Leading edge technology, but keep it real

  • We are firmly grounded in the real world and set realistic expectations.
    We make the technology work for you, not the reverse
  • Honesty and credibility are the cornerstones of our business.
    If something is unrealistic or isn't going to work, then we will tell you so
  • Business problems can't be solved by technology alone.
    We look at the business first and foremost


Cost effective & flexible

  • We offer cost-competitive and flexible services by running a low overhead business
    (not by using offshore, junior or inexperienced staff)
  • We will work from your office, construction site or remotely to achieve the best results


Fee options include:

  • fixed scope  or fixed term
  • monthly retainer
  • daily, weekly or monthly rate.

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