Project mobilisation

The logistics of getting essential  IT systems up and running in a construction office (often while project staff are concentrating on construction planning or early activities) can be extremely challenging.
Coupled with temporary or remote site office locations, minimal head office support or an IT 'helpdesk' who do not understand construction, a construction project can be significantly impacted by a poor initial mobilisation of these systems.

Our approach

We understand construction deadlines and the pressure for the construction team to start work as soon as possible.
We have expertise in construction systems used for design, document control, planning, field work and cost control. This includes collaboration and data management, Building Information Modelling, Geographic Information Systems. We offer services in:


  • IT Infrastructure
  • Business system design and implementation
  • Staff induction and training
  • Project controls and reporting
  • CAD, BIM and GIS implementation


Working alongside your IT department, or by taking full control of IT systems we can ensure that a construction project gets a great start.

The result is that design or construction staff can focus on delivering the project with the tools and systems they need to be fully operational from day one.

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