Traditional training

Many training providers focus purely on the 'picks and clicks' of a particular application, without much explanation of 'why'. Such training is often associated with selling software, rather than focusing on your specific needs. In this case, the trainer may be an expert in the application itself, but lacks real world experience.

Traditional classroom style training frequently delivers disappointing outcomes and poor value for money.

Our approach

We tailor training so that it is directly relevant to the  project, task or role. This yields benefits and value to our clients  that other training methods cannot match.

We bring practical experience in how an application can be used in real life situations as well as expertise in the application itself.

We favour a combination of mentoring and guided practice to ensure that project teams gain the skills they need as rapidly and effectively as possible

Continual improvement

Since software is constantly being developed and refined, it is not uncommon for long-term software users to overlook improved techniques or capabilities of newer software.  Furthermore, training is required not just for junior staff, but also for senior and experienced staff.

Therefore, it is essential to consider training as an ongoing process, rather than a once-off.  Therefore, we offer refresher training  and actively work with all levels of user to make sure they are working as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Refer to the blog post 'BIM: Importance of Training' to learn how we approach training

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